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Live Music 
Buddy Squyres on Bass

Amarillo, Texas has had a rich tradition of live music venues featuring local, regional and well-known music artists since the town was established in 1887. This page introduces some current Amarillo live music groups and the folks who make it all happen, plus info about bands of the past. I have provided links to recorded music video samples and fan pages where available.

More information will be added as I continue to get feedback from other sources of information, including you!  If you have information to add to this page, you can use the Contact page to send me your feedback.  You may also send me info via Facebook.

For now, I am including some information based on my own research and memories along with a link to my Amarillo Live Music playlist on YouTube which features video clips of live music performances I have captured as far back as fifteen years ago.  For our Amarillo musicians, I will be available for recording current music acts as scheduling allows to help promote your work.  Please use the Contact page to send a request for a recording session and include a phone number so I can contact you back.

Current Amarillo bands are listed below. there are more listed on these pages.

If you would like to keep up to date on new live music videos, please like my Dusty Reins Video page on Facebook.

There are several more playlists on my Dusty Reins YouTube Channel than just the one listed below. Click the link and you will be able to find the bands you are looking for much faster. And be sure to subscribe to view new music videos!

Amarillo Texas Live Music on YouTube

NOTE: To mobile device users.

If you are using a phone or tablet to view the video clips below, I recommend you connect to Wi-Fi first. The newer videos are all HD quality. A medium length song will require about 200 Megabytes to play and will affect your cell data plan. The YouTube playlist link below will start up the YouTube app and you will be able to enter your comments and give the clip a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Use the app to cast to a big screen smart-TV and you have instant party entertainment.


Click here to see the whole playlist on YouTube!

Amarillo Live Originals

Amarillo Live Party

Amarillo Live Country

Amarillo Live Refined

Amarillo Live LP

Show your support for live music entertainment in Amarillo and the talented people who entertain you. View the playlist on the YouTube app or website and rate your favorite bands and add your comments on the YouTube video page. The more a clip gets feedback, the more likely it will be listed in YouTube suggestions and the more people will get to experience our homegrown music talent. Add your favorite video to your own YouTube music playlist. Don't like the order on my playlist? Hit the shuffle button to get a new order. So show your support for Amarillo musicians and the venues who book them to entertain you. 

Click here for the best current listing of ALL Amarillo Entertainment available this week.

Find a band or solo artist in the link above you have never heard of before? Then look below to see if the name is listed. If you are able to find a link on the name, a new browser tab will open up to a Facebook information page if available. This page will still be available. If you see "On YouTube" listed below the name, that indicates there is a video or audio clip available' Click or tap on it to hear or view a sample in a new tab. Then you will know if you would like to go! 


Current Performing Bands in Amarillo

Classic Rock

Jackie Anderson - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Bob Fletcher - Bass Guitar

Woody Key - Lead Guitar

Andy Chase & Friends

Originals, Covers

Andy Chase - Guitar, Vocals

Buddy Squyres - Bass

Antonio Charles and the Fwoops

Jazz, Covers


Blue Martinis

On YouTube

 Vocal Jazz, Covers  Chuck Alexander - Vocals
Blues Boy Willie & Friends Blues, Covers

Blues Boy Willie - Harmonica, Vocals

Buddy Squires - Bass

Jay Weeks - Drums

Darron Brown - ?

Boss 420 Alternative Modern Rock

Gabe Marinez - Vocals & Guitars

Brent Serurrier - Bass

Shane Coleman - Drums

Buster Bledsoe Band

On YouTube

On YouTube

On YouTube

On YouTube

Country, Texas Country

Covers, Originals

Buster Bledsoe - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Justin Burnett - Lead Guitar

Geoff McCaslin - Bass Guitar

James Ramey - Drums



Dance Music

Bobby McCauley

City Will Shake

On YouTube

On YouTube

Alternative Roots Rock


Matt Culpepper- Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Nolan Burr - Lead Guitar,  Vocals

Ryan Rivera - Bass

Charles Penaranda - Drums

Cloud Seed & Big Chief Tablet


Blues, Country, Swing, Ragtime, Americana, Rock 'n Roll, Folk

Originals, Covers

Ben Cargo -Guitar, Vocals

Danny "Freeze" Dobervich - Guitar, Vocals

Comanche Moon

On YouTube

On YouTune

Alt-Country, Folk Rock, Americana, Texicana

Originals, Covers

Mark Houston - Guitars, Vocals

Carlos Martinez-Arraras - Bass Guitar

Chandler Sidwell - Percussion, Vocals

Cory Mangum & The Damn Outlaws Texas/Red Dirt Country

Cory Mangum - Lead Vocals/Acoustic Guitar

Colt Woods - Harmony/Lead Vocals

Aaron Balderas - Bass Guitar  

Deion Marquise - Drums

Brodie Steffensen - Tour Manager

Cody Eveans - Sales and Marketing

Dallas Owens (Lubbock)

On YouTube

On YouTube


Originals, Covers

Dallas Owens - Guitar, Vocals

Wade Tosh - Bass

Taylor Barringer - Drums

Andrew Fox - Guitar

Danny Ruiz & Gypsy Renegade

On YouTube


Danny Ruiz - Vocals & Rhythm Guitar

Jack Taylor II - Lead Guitar, Fiddle, Mandolin, Backup Vocals

Aaron Taylor - Bass

Dewane Kinsch - Drums


Post-Punk, Gothic Rock

Courtney Brown - Vocals

Kat Browning - Drums/Vocals

Anna O'Brien - Guitar/Bass

Divided Me

Metal Originals & Covers

Originals & Covers

Tyler Reno - Drums

Jory Castleberry - Bass / Vocals

Scott Felker - Scream Vocals

Spencer Reno - Guitar

DeAnne Oliver - Clean Vocals

Dryland Dreamers, 2014-

On YouTube

On YouTube

R&R, Country-Rock, Classic Rock, Folk, Blues, 60's top 40

Originals, Covers

Danny "Freeze" Dobervich - Lead Guitar, Vocals

David "The Artist" Arterburn - Vocals, Guitar

Leon "Lean on Me" Lange - Bass 

Eddie & The EAT

Original Americana Music

El Trio Cortez



Gary Ray Grice

On YouTube

Texas Blues


Gary Ray Grice - Guitar
Jordan McLain - Drums
Jason Hodges - Bass

Geezers Gone Wild

On YouTube

On YouTube

On YouTube

On YouTube

50s, 60s, 70s


Jackie Haney - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Dickie Haney - Drums, Vocals
Jacob Haney - Bass, Vocals
Dave Burns - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Charlie Clinton - Keyboards, Vocals

Harrington String Quartet

On YouTube

Classical String Quartet

Rossitza Jekova-Goza -
Keith Redpath -
Vesselin Todorov -
Emmanuel Lopez -

Hed Change

On YouTube


Classic Rock

Jonathan Guidi - Guitars, Vocals

Willie Blassingame - Bass Guitar, Vocals

Perry Justus Drums, Vocals

Insufficient Funds

On YouTube

On YouTube

Rock, Country, Blues, Standards, Variety

Chuck Alexander - Bass and Vocals
Dean Yates: Guitar - Guitar Synthesizer, and Vocals
Mary Lyn Halley - Guitar, Vocals
Vic Richardson - Drums, and Percussion

Jack C'Ryver & The Rock 'n' Roll Cowboys

On YouTube

Country, Covers Jack Determan - Lead Vocals

Robert Griffin - Drums

Michael Venable - Lead Guitar

Jeff Danner - Bass Guitar

Adrian Everette - Keyboard

Jen Williams & the Potty Mouths

Bluesy Rock, Originals & Covers Jen Williams - Vocals, Guitar

Johnny Reverb Holston String Band Project (unnamed)


Johnny Reverb Holston - Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals

Dane Wynne - Fiddle

Amy Coffman - Banjo, Guitar, Vocals

Buddy Squyres - Bass, Vocals

Just 2 Guys

On YouTube

On YouTube

On YouTube

On YouTube

On YouTube (2004)

Rock, Folk, Country


Wayne Williams - Vocals, Guitar, Rhythm

Victor Glenn - Vocals, Bass, Guitar

Kilo Road

Country Rock - Covers  

Kim & the Crash

On YouTube

On YouTube

On YouTube

Rock, Country

Originals, Covers


Kim Matsler - Guitar, Vocals
Richard Herring - Guitar, Vocals
Troy McConnell - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Tanya Park - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Karr Ingham - Drums


Lake House Project

On YouTube

All Genres

Originals, Covers

Dannie Lake - Guitar & Vocals

Christie Echols - Bass & Vocals

C.J. Carter - Saxophone/Keyboard/Vocals

Perry Justus - Drums

Lee Scheetz & Borderline


Liquid Jimi

On YouTube

Instrumental Rock-ish


Joanna Wilson - Sax

Chase Roach - Guitar

Brian Weis - Bass

Chris Hoganson-Drums

Loaded Six

 Classic rock to 80's rock and 90's alternative

Elaine Pena - Guitar

Tres Pena - Drums

Pony Hernandez - Guitar, Vocals

Adrian Lambert - Bass, Guitar

Loudmouth Lisa

On YouTube

On YouTube

Rock, Covers  

Lucid Moment

On YouTube

On YouTube

On YouTube


Classic Folk, Covers

Kenny Wilson - Bass
Corey Schmidt - Violin, Guitar, Vocals
Ben Chavez - Mandolin
Dylan (Dinso) Collie Guitar, Vocals
Aaron Brown - Drums

Marc Durham & Friends


Marcus & Jamie

Originals & Covers  

Mason Jar Reloaded

On YouTube

Country & Western. Don't leave the Western out!


Cody Anderson - Bass, Vocals
Jim Anderson - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Glenn Maddox - Drums, Vocals
Mark Allen - Fiddle, Vocals
Teresa Stephens - Fiddle, Vocals
Stacy Scheller - Steel Guitar

Mason Jar & The Shine Bros.

On YouTube

Classic Outlaw Country, Southern Rock and Country you just wanna dance to.

Cody Anderson - Bass, Lead Vocals
Jim Anderson - Guitar, Vocals
Greg Downey - Guitar
Glenn Maddox - Drums
Mark Spielbauer - Fiddle, Vocals

Mike Fuller and the Repeat Offenders

On YouTube

On YouTube

On YouTube

Classic Rock, Folk

Originals, Covers

Mike Fuller - Vocals, Guitar

Woody key - Vocals, Guitar

Moon Dog

On YouTube

On YouTube

On YouTube

On YouTube

From heavy rock to slow blues. Classic rock to new rock. All of it!!

Eddie Lancaster - Lead Guitar
Rudy Garcia - Bass
Michael Jackson - Keyboards, Backup Vocals
Deon Dink Clark - Vocals
Gary Kirk - Drums

Mr. Scary

80s Metal, Covers  


Alternative Rock  

Next To Kin

Country Danielle Gerber - Vocals
Greg Shanks - Drums
Maggie Scales - Fiddle

Palo Duro

On YouTube

On YouTube

Cowboy, Country

Cody Anderson - Bass, Lead Vocals

Jim Anderson - Lead Guitar, Vocals

Teresa Stephens - Fiddle, Vocals

Pete Y Los Releros Mariachi  

Playa Lake

On YouTube

Alternative Country, Cowpunk

Originals, Covers






Polk St. Jazz

On YouTube


James Gardner

Sandy Storey

Nick Scales

Doug Storey

Susan Martin Tariq

Quaker City Night Hawks (Fort Worth)

On YouTube

On YouTube

On YouTube

Rock, Country


Pat Adams - Electric Bass Guitar, Vocals

Sam Anderson - Vocals, Rhythm Electric Guitar

Aron Haynes - Drums

David Matsler - Vocals, Lead Electric Guitar (Amarillo)

Real Tejano


Originals & Covers

Kenny Chavez - Trumpet
Raymond Castillo - Trumpet
Chuy Zuniga - Alto Sax
Sammy Ybarra - Tenor Sax
Mike Perez - Guitar, Bass
Ernie Reyes - Guitar
Paul Espinosa - Drums

Remedy (Bad Fish)

On YouTube


John Tice - Lead Guitar, Vocals

Frank San Miguel - Bass

Travis Gibbins - Drums

Eddie Carreon - Guitar

Rock Bottom

On YouTube

Rock - Covers  

Sadies Rangers, 2013-



Ronnie Fleming - Mandocello, Vocals
Buddy Squyres - Bass Guitar, 2013-
Gary Wayne Thomason - Guitar, Vocals
Brad Van Valkenburg - Mandolin, Vocals
Rick Faucett - Dobro, Vocals
Chris Hodges - Djembe

Salt Cedar Rebels

On YouTube


Covers, Originals


Dan Johnston - Guitar, Vocals




Skinny Molly


Smokey City Rhythm Revue

On YouTube

On YouTube

Soft Rock

Originals, Covers

Jim Thompson - Guitar, Vocals

Kevin Felker - Guitar, Vocals

Brian Pfister - Bass, Vocals

Larry Little - Drums, Vocals

Cathleen Tyson - Vocals, Percussion

Nick Tyson - Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Smooth Taste

On YouTube

On YouTube



Joseph Mcwaters - Lead, Vocals

Andy Fleming- Saxophone

Pierce Lawson - Percussion

Nathan Gimpel - Bass

Blake Rogers - Guitar

Soncy Beach Bums    
Strange Saints 80'S, Hip-hop, Funk, Dance, Country, Rock

Avelino Rosales AKA Chino - Drums, Vocals


On YouTube


Swing Kings

On YouTube

Big Band Jazz  
Tejas Brothers   Dave Perez - 

Tennesee Tuckness

On YouTube

On YouTube


Tennessee Tuckness - Vocals, Guitar

Buddy Squyres - Bass

Gary Wayne Thomason - Guitar

Lance Allen - Drums

The Average Joes

On YouTube

On YouTube


Rock n Roll, Texas Country, Blues, Obscure

Joe Hendrick - Vocals, Harmonica

Woody Key - Vocals, Lead Guitar

Buddy Squyres - Vocals, Bass

Rick Faucett - Lap & Pedal Steel, Dobro

Joe Quattlebaum - Vocals, Guitar

The Dustjackets

On YouTube

On YouTube

On YouTube

On YouTube

Folk and Americana


Amy Coffman - Vocals, Bass, Guitar

Larry Martin - Vocals, Guitar, Bass

Rick Faucett - Lap & Pedal Steel, Dobro, Vocals

John Lerma - Drums

**Matthew Williams - Drums

**Joe Quattlebaum - Percussion, Vocals

The Earthlings

On YouTube

On YouTube

On YouTube

On YouTube

Acoustic Jazz, 

Danny "Freeze" Dobervich - Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals

*Moses Morin - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

*Buddy Squires - Stand-up Bass

*Micaela Robinson - Violin

The Prairie Dogs - 1975-Present

On YouTube

On YouTube

On YouTube

On YouTube

On YouTube

Cow Jazz

Originals, Covers

Mike Borger - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Gary Guinn -  Vocals, Lead Guitar

Greg Meador - Harmonica, Vocals

Dane Williams - Drums, Vocals

Byron Williamson - Vocals, Bass

The Skeleton Krew

On YouTube

Classic Rock


Mike Arend - Guitar, Vocals

Bec Golden - Harmonica, Vocals

Danny Arend - Bass, Vocals

Todd Goodwin - Drums

Lora Johnson - Keyboard

The Solano Project

On YouTube

Classic Party Rock, Covers 

Andy Solano - Guitar, Vocals

Tony Naples - Guitar, Vocals

Robert Workman - Bass, Vocals

Chris Crowley - Keyboard, Vocals

Scott Nall - Drums

The Urban Pioneers    
Tommy Davis & Panhandle Wind



Tommy Gallagher Band

On YouTube

On YouTube

Texas Country

Originals, Covers

Tommy Gallagher - Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Jimmy Sharber - Lead Guitar
Justin Proffitt - Bass
Nick Sharber - Fiddle/Guitar
Greg Grice - Drums

Tung N  Gruv

Rock ?

Uncle Puppy & The Rejects

On YouTube



On YouTube

On YouTube

Covers, Originals 

Jason Hodges - Vocals, Guitar

Keitha Jones - Vocals, Keyboard, Tamborine

Windy City

On YouTube

On YouTube

Rock, Blues, Country


David Reasoner - Vocals, Guitar

David Davis

Mike Stone

Sam Harrell

Young Country - 1967-Present

Country, Country Swing, Rockabilly

Originals, Covers

Tony Burrus - Founder, Lead Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals

Kerry Morgan  - Steel Guitar, Banjo, Lap Steel, Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals

Steve Baker - Bass Guitar, Vocals

Maggie Scales - Fiddle, Keyboard, Mandolin, Vocals

Michelle Sanford - Vocals

George Pedigo - Drums.


* Guest Sit-in

** Former Member